Topic 1

Reflective summary: Topic 1 – ‘Visitors Vs Residents’

This has been my first time writing a blog and I even tweeting on Twitter after a very long time! It is enjoyable to be able to express my views on the Web based on the topic set by our Tutors, however, it came with some hurdles as I experienced technical difficulties with my blog being uploaded to the main UOSM2033 page. This meant I was unable to receive comments/feedback from my peers of my blog post but I was still able to read and compare with their blogs.

The topic set this week, ‘Digital visitors and digital residents’, is a topic I wouldn’t have come across to form my own opinion or research in further detail. Beforehand, my idea of different users of the internet were based on age and the generation we were born in. I believed that the younger generation were all experts on the Web and that the older generation were not as digitally literate. After reading articles, theories and my peers blogs, I realised that the idea is too general and in fact there is a spectrum for which users lie on based on their motive rather than two categories, age or gender. I found that the majority of my peers also agreed with this idea.

I particularly enjoyed reading Gus’s blog as he touches upon the issues that have come with the growing dependency of the Web and how the world is becoming a less social place. Reading Harry’s blog was also insightful as it followed similar ideas as mine by focusing on a model that places users along a continuum. I have commented on both blogs, commending them on my enjoyment of reading their posts.

This week has been a great learning curve and I am excited to see what topics will be.

Word count: 300



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