Topic 2

Reflective summary: Topic 2 – ‘Hidden, fake or multiple online identities’

From reading the blogs written by my peers, it seems there is an overall agreement of the ideology that our online identities reflect our characteristics and the form changes depending on who we are interacting with online (professional vs. personal). Therefore, most likely everyone has multiple online identities. Davinaappiagyei’s blog mentioned that this is beneficial as it allows us to portray ourselves in a more desirable way to employers when our identity is weighted on the professional side. I commended Davina on her blog by commenting and questioned her further on the detrimental impacts of anonymous online identities for which she replied with a solution for users who act malicious to be monitored and stopped.

Tiffany’s blog mentions the threats hidden identities hold and I particularly liked how she incorporated her own personal experience to back up her point. The blog was insightful and made me question on the growing corruptness of online identities.  Tiffany made a similar point to me, about different social media platforms representing different characteristics of ourselves, I questioned her on this to see her point of view on multiple identities leading to confusion. She replied saying if there are no contradictions in for example, factual information then there shouldn’t be confusion between multiple accounts an individual holds.

Figure 1hooded-dark-web-figure

I was happy to receive four different comments on my blog, two of which lead to discussion. Hannah spoke more in depth about cyberbullying increasing as anonymous accounts are becoming easier to create and how if we should police these acts more. I definitely agreed with this, it shocks me that there aren’t already strict laws enforced but perhaps this is something the future is looking into as we do not want the online world to become a trap or fearful place to enter.

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