Topic 3

Reflective summary: Topic 3 – ‘Marketing yourself online’

I thoroughly enjoyed the topic set this week as it gave me the chance to re-evaluate my own social profiles and presented a platform to share my advice, tips and experience in developing a professional digital profile.

This week, I commented on Tobie’s blog as he mentioned the blogging medium to not play a huge part in recruiting. As this is module is based on blogging, I thought it was vital to get an opinion on the best way to advertise our blogs for recruiters to see. He suggested that it’s our responsibility to direct recruiters to the blog e.g. via twitter or Facebook. I agreed with him and mentioned this also in my post. Currently, I already tag ‘#UOSM2033’ when I upload a new blog post on Twitter for followers to see but I also took the advice further to my own profiles by linking my blog to my LinkedIn profile. Moreover, after exploring the topic set this week I have developed my digital profiles further.

Figure 1: find the new updates on my LinkedIn page here: edited my contact info, linked my blog to the page, added a summary and added more connections. 


I was intrigued by Emma’s blog. I liked how she took the initiative to Google herself to see what came up. It inspired me to do the same as after watching this video  and seeing her results I was concerned with what the public could see if they searched my name. This results are shown below. (searched using public mode not private)


I was surprised that my parents’ names were a result, it is shocking what information the web has about you using just the slightest details.

In contrast, I questioned Arun regarding freedom of speech online and he replied by arguing that we should be allowed to post what we want and simply adjusting our privacy settings to prevent recruiters seeing anything that may seem inappropriate.

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