Topic 4

Reflective summary: Topic 4 – ‘Digital divide’

I appreciate the way all the topics set by our professors have tied together. Issues that arise with social media is a topic that has been lightly touched upon in my previous blog posts. Therefore, I really enjoyed have the chance to talk in more detail about one of the many issues.

I found that there was a wide range of issues talked about between my peers. From identity theft to cyber-bullying to losing integrity and discrimination. Zach’s blog post was about discrimination within the football world and how individuals are using social media for writing hateful comments. We began a discussion on solutions to solving this issue where Zach mentioned raising awareness, further acceptance in society and developing in legislations.

Harry commented on my blog this week, we both spoke about the digital divide issue therefore, it was interesting to see his viewpoint from a different perspective. In his blog, he compared the digital divide both nationally and internationally. I found the video that Harry shared to be informative and eye-opening. I was unaware of the digital divide between neighborhoods and regions alone. Some of the poorest areas have what they call an ‘education digital divide.’ Families cannot afford to buy their children laptops or internet access as their average income is below $23,000. Therefore, students cannot excel at school, prepare themselves for university or even get a job. Nevertheless, solutions are being put in place to bridge the divide – schools provide computer labs and skill sessions to prepare students and keep them up-to-date with technology. I commented on Kevin’s post who also spoke about the digital divide.

Figure 1: Source taken from Microsoft (2016) article. 

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 22.38.38.png

Fortunately, individuals are aware of the digital divide and are trying to change the fact that 53% of the world is offline. The video below expresses possible ways to bridge the divide.

Word count: 300


TEDx Talks (2011) ‘TEDxSanMigueldeAllende – Aleph Molinari – Bridging the Digital Divide’ YouTube [Accessed: 3 December 2016].

Microsoft (2016) ‘Microsoft affordable access initiative | bridging the digital divide.’ Online [Accessed: 3 December 2016].


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