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Final Reflection: Every End is a New Beginning… Goodbye #UOSM2033

Living and Working on the Web (UOSM2033) has been a flexible, unique, innovative and modernised way of learning. It requires no exam, no lectures and no essays! My experience of this module has been enjoyable and has potentially created a new blogging hobby.

UOSM2033 has allowed me to explore a different set of skills and build upon my digital CV. The video below demonstrates my skills, developed during this module, using digital tools.

Video 1: I have created a short video to express my life in recent images taken over the past few years. Most of the images are taken from my Instagram page @davinaheer (Davina H, 2016). This video can also be found on my homepage.

Students often question whether what they learn at University is of relevance in their professional lives. Not only has UOSM2033 aided us in creating a professional portfolio that stands out and increases chances of employment, but it has also taught vital skills that are necessary in the Digital Age we now live in.

Topic 3 was one of my favourites to blog about because it highlighted that our online profile reflects a digital CV. I found the research useful as it motivated me to manage my own online identity, privacy and security. My best blog was topic 2 as I received a lot of comments leading to discussions and excellent feedback from Sarah (she even used this blog as an example for students in Singapore!).

Before studying UOSM2033, I had never maintained a blog. During my internship at Barclays last summer, I wrote one blog post for their social website. The marketing team assisted me, therefore, I was fortunate to begin a platform for my skills with a viewpoint from the marketing side. This is important to notice as our online profiles are used to market ourselves to employers from the language we use to our engagement.

Figure 1: What I have learnt from studying UOSM2033. Created using Piktochart (Davina Heer, 2016).


I completed a self-test to compare my digital literacy levels at the beginning of this module and the end.

Figure 2: Shows my completed self-test form at the start of this module and at the end of this module. You can find the full version with more detail here

We see improvements in all areas, with room for further developments in the future. The video below shows evidence of the development of my current online activities.

Video 2: I have created a video using PowToon, showing a brief overview of my online professional profile, how it has developed over the course and future plans to continue building on my portfolio (Davina H, 2016).

Firstly, hash-tagging #UOSM2033 was a great way to achieve engagement within the module. As an infrequent tweeter, I began to share articles on Twitter that I found interesting. I’ll continue this in the future. Secondly, I have chosen to remain using Facebook for private purposes rather than professional. Thirdly, I previously used YouTube just for commenting/liking other videos. Nonetheless, I have uploaded two self-created videos for this module and hope to upload more in the future. Lastly, I’ll ensure to continue updating all online professional profiles.

Figure 3: Screenshot of my LinkedIn profile at the start of the module (left hand side) and end of the module (right hand side). 

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 14.43.55.png


I will take into the future everything I’ve learnt during this module and the confidence gained to express my opinions online. I plan to begin blogging on an area of interest that I’m passionate about: fitness, e.g. exercises, motivation and tracking progress. Furthermore, I may create a second Instagram account to tie with this as I enjoy using this application.

Studying UOSM2033 has been a fantastic experience. I’d like to thank my peers for their appreciation via comments and our educators for their relaxed teaching style and the resources they provided for us to succeed in this module.

Word count: 500

Links to my online profiles:

Twitter: @DavinaHeer

Instagram: @davinaheer







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